About Us

Edel and Roberto: They are long-standing artists, they have had several exhibitions in Europe and Latin America, and now they have their art studio in Asturias.      They are registered in Aicoa, everything they do has a certificate of work of art.

In 2016 we decided to start a new life from scratch, changing from the environment to our work. We chose a place with a privileged natural environment, where time goes at a different pace, the countrywomen of the area are affectionate, and they also have a bun called “coleta o enfilada” which is the richest in the region: It is Asturias, north of Spain.

Edeltraud was Edel’s grandmother, she immigrated to Argentina when she was very young. There she had a family of five children with her husband, while working in a store and at the same time making sculptures. She died very young due to a serious illness, for that reason, Edel never met her in person, but through family stories.

This is our tribute to her, wherever you are “grandma” from Asturias with love.

Robert Origin: Spanish and Italian. Sculptor, Photographer, Artisan. Training in Fine Arts, Metal Sculpture, Analog Photography, Screen Printing, Molds, Resins, Wood Carving, Lost Wax Casting Process, etc. He has traveled to various countries for several years to learn about Latin American cultures in the 70s. Later, he lived in Argentina for several years where he trained and experimented with techniques such as screen printing, and worked as a teacher for a decade. From 1998 to the present, he has lived and traveled throughout Europe, mainly in Spain where he lives, he is a constantly evolving nomad.

Edel (Edeltraud’s granddaughter)
Origin: Italian, German and Polish.
Sculptor, Painter, Ceramicist and Artisan. Exhibitions in Latin America and Europe.
Training in Fine Arts, Ceramics, Painting, Molds, Resins, Waxes, etc. His beginnings in art occurred prematurely and at an early age, through photography in Argentina. Then, I experiment with painting and collage. Later, it was formed in other materials such as resin, wax and molds for the lost wax casting technique. And finally, he found ceramics in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) where he studied.


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