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This team is made up of two unconscious people: Edel and Roberto. Both are registered in Aicoa, everything they do has an artwork certificate that you can use to tell your friends and relatives that you have bought art and at a good price. In 2016 we decided to start a new life from scratch, changing everything from the environment to our work. We chose a place with a privileged natural environment, the weather goes at a different pace, the local people are affectionate, and they have a bun called “coleta o enfilada” which is the richest in the region: it is Asturias, in the north of Spain.

 Edeltraud was Edel’s grandmother, she immigrated to Argentina at a very young age. There she had a family of five children with her husband, while working in a shop and at the same time making sculptures. She died very young due to a serious illness, so Edel never met her in person, but only through family stories.   

This is our tribute to her, wherever you are. From Asturias with love.   

Roberto’s DNA is 50% sculptor, 30% inventor and 20% photographer. His preferred material depends on the day and what he finds, because materials have a life of their own. He is also an AICOA registered artist, all his works are certified.

Edel, Edeltraud’s granddaughter, Edel, like her grandmother, is a ceramist, sculptor, painter and above all in love with Asturias. She creates decorative objects and sculptures in equal parts.  She is an AICOA registered artist. All her works are certified.

Create seriously and less serially